how do i clean cement patios and make them white again?

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i have rust stains and just dirty cement patio. i want to clean it but dont want to kill the grass around it.

Hydrochloric acid with left the build up can’t stay it will do you grass any good

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  1. Corey says:

    have you tried to pressure wash it i work for a masonry business and thats what we clean cement block and brick off with.
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  2. DeLacy says:

    Rent or purchase a power washer. They do a marvelous job on concrete using just the power of the spray. No harsh chemicals.
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  3. fur_zhizzel says:

    Hydrochloric acid with left the build up can’t stay it will do you grass any good
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  4. Amber says:

    I would try lemon juice and salt. Apply the lemon juice directly on the rust, then scrub with salt on an ice cube OR aluminum foil, or scrub brush if you have one. Take care to avoid the grass as much as possible since it can still be damaging and I would still rinse with water after if you’re worried.

    Also, I hear vinegar works… again I would be careful not to get it near your grass or foliage it will STILL damage them.
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  5. Daisyhill says:

    I use bleach in buckets of water and my grass is fine….I tip the buckets over…about four…each with about 2 cups of bleach in….then I let it sit for a short time…then I brish it with a stiff broom and rinse with clean water. Mine is white.
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  6. gar_fanatic says:

    Rent a Hotsie pressure washer. It’s a hot water power washer. Much better than a regular power washer. And since you’re just using water to clean with, it won’t hurt the grass.

    Otherwise, I would try some Simple Green and a scrub brush. Simple Green is biodegradable and doesn’t hurt grass at all.
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  7. Classy chick says:

    You can attempt to pressure wash it but with rust it can be a hard thing. You can also paint it with Cement Paint, it comes in a ton of different colors.
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  8. Fate543 says:

    Try some of these tips:
    It may take some time, you don’t want the rust going everywhere… be patient and take your time… that’s my suggestion. I also think like the other too… a pressure washer can be very helpful, its more powerful than scrubbing and you’ll get it super clean. Hope this helps!
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